Our Daily Creative Journey

'Boat and Balloon' are Berlin-based artists Karolin Reichardt and Ben Craig. 
They have joined the best of their individual skills and ideas to create textiles, drawings and objects for a colourful and cozy home. 
Their journey together started about 10 years ago in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has continued in Berlin with a new passenger, their son. 
The name and logo come from a small sail boat and a hot air balloon, which Ben drew on the back of a sketchbook, originally intended as a farewell gift to Karolin. Though rather than the end, it was the departure for a daily creative journey, where the two symbols stand for their different styles to find the route. 
Quality materials, skilled hands and an inquisitive mind make their products and artwork stand-out items, which cherish the joy of making and giving. 'Boat and Balloon' is a vessel to share their design discoveries and artistic adventures with you and your loved ones. 

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